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Panettones at Tenuta’s: A Timeless Christmas Delight

December 7, 2023

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Tenuta’s Deli in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is thrilled to announce the arrival of the 2023 collection of Panettones, a symbol of Christmas celebrations worldwide. This mildly sweet, fruit-laden bread has been a part of Italian tradition since the Middle Ages, and its origins, though shrouded in charming tales, emphasize its enduring appeal.

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Why Panettone is a Must-Have for Christmas 2023

Panettone is not just a bread; it’s a festive masterpiece showcasing the richness of the season. Enriched with butter and sugar, its dough is tender and airy, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Whether it’s the traditional candied fruits and citrus peels or the contemporary twist of fine-quality chocolate chunks, each panettone is a unique blend of a luxurious brioche and a sumptuous fruitcake.

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The Art Behind Crafting Panettone

Creating the perfect panettone is an art form. The 2023 collection features creations that are the result of skillful craftsmanship and patience. The slow-acting yeast and increasing amounts of butter not only enrich the flavor but also add to the complexity of its preparation. This meticulous process is what makes brands like Chiostro di Saronno stand out, offering an Organic Panettone that’s a testament to tradition and quality.

Our 2023 range of panettones is priced to cater to everyone, from mini panettones to full-size varieties, ensuring a delightful addition to your holiday gatherings.

Panettone Holiday Spread

Expert Tips on Savoring Panettone

To truly enjoy panettone, follow the expert guide from Chiostro di Saronno. A properly sliced panettone, enjoyed with espresso, wine, or Madeira, is a culinary experience. Remember, panettone is not overly sweet, making it perfect for any occasion, be it an afternoon snack or a sophisticated dessert.

  • Cut the panettone in half with a very sharp saw knife and check that the alveolation (the holes it has inside) is rich and uniform. A panettone with few holes, too small or too big, is a sign of poor quality.

  • Place the two halves on a smooth wooden or plastic cutting board with the round part towards you and then cut one half of the panettone perpendicularly in a decisive but not too vigorous way, with a steady hand. Enter with the tip of the knife and go down slowly, keeping your hand on the side of the panettone and not on top.

  • Then proceed diagonally to obtain the slices of the desired size.

When fresh, the best way to enjoy panettone is with an espresso, a glass of wine, or Madeira. It’s so good, you don’t need anything else on it. Before slicing, you’ll want to make sure it’s at room temperature otherwise it may crumble instead of slicing cleanly.

Since it’s not overly sweet, it makes a great snack in the afternoon but it’s also nice as a dessert. One thing you must never do is slice off the top and just eat that. That is one sure way to lose friends.

Storing Your Panettone

To preserve its freshness, an unopened panettone can be stored at room temperature for 4 to 6 months. Once opened, it should be wrapped in an airtight container to maintain its delightful texture.

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