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Panettones from Italy are Available in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Tenuta’s

December 2, 2022

Natale 2021 Min

The arrival of Panettones at Tenuta’s and stores around the world heralds the beginning of the Christmas season. Italians have eaten this mildly sweet, fruit-studded bread since the Middle Ages. When something has been enjoyed for centuries, it’s hard to know its true origin. There are a number of tales, from a nobleman’s attempt to woo a baker’s daughter to Duke Ludovico’s chef serving bread made by a scullery boy. Regardless of its beginnings, the hallmark of a good panettone is a tall, golden brown dome, a rich yet airy interior with an abundance of candied fruit, citrus, and/or chocolate chunks.


Why is panettone so special?

Christmastime is when people pull out all the stops to really celebrate the season. This bread showcases that exact idea. More indulgent items, like butter and sugar, are added to enrich bread dough making it so tender and airy that it practically melts on your tongue. Dried fruits and citrus peels are folded in to add small explosions of flavor. More recently, some or all of the fruit has been replaced with chunks of fine-quality chocolate. It’s like the best qualities of a rich brioche bread are wedded with the decadence of a fine fruitcake. It is something truly unique and must be experienced.


Why is panettone so expensive?

The best panettones are labor-intensive and take a long time to produce. It’s not something just anyone can do; there is a lot of skill involved. Through the ages, more and more butter has been added to the dough. While that makes a deliciously tender and silky bread, it also makes the dough much more difficult to work with. It also takes longer for the bread to proof (rise) because of the added butter but also because of the slow-acting yeast used. There are faster working yeasts but the slower a bread takes to rise, the more flavor is created. So, the best panettones, like Chiostro di Saronno Organic Panettones, use slower activating yeasts for this reason.

Our selection of panettones is a delightful addition to your holiday table. Some of our top sellers range from $3 for a mini panettone to $40 for full-size panettones.


How are you supposed to eat panettone?

When it comes to slicing a panettone, we defer to the masters at Chiostro di Saronno for the following step-by-step guide.

  • Cut the panettone in half with a very sharp saw knife and check that the alveolation (the holes it has inside) is rich and uniform. A panettone with few holes, too small or too big, is a sign of poor quality.

  • Place the two halves on a smooth wooden or plastic cutting board with the round part towards you and then cut one half of the panettone perpendicularly in a decisive but not too vigorous way, with a steady hand. Enter with the tip of the knife and go down slowly, keeping your hand on the side of the panettone and not on top.

  • Then proceed diagonally to obtain the slices of the desired size.

When fresh, the best way to enjoy panettone is with an espresso, a glass of wine, or Madeira. It’s so good, you don’t need anything else on it. Before slicing, you’ll want to make sure it’s at room temperature otherwise it may crumble instead of slicing cleanly.

Since it’s not overly sweet, it makes a great snack in the afternoon but it’s also nice as a dessert. One thing you must never do is slice off the top and just eat that. That is one sure way to lose friends.

How do you store panettone?

If you haven’t cut into your panettone, you can keep it sealed in its package for 4 to 6 months at room temperature. Once you cut it, it will have a tendency to dry out pretty quickly if not carefully wrapped in an airtight container, plastic wrap, or a sealable bag.

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