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Cheeses at Tenuta's Deli

Has a mild and slightly sweeter taste than cheddar.  Creamy and soft texture.  Most popular cheese for a hamburgers and grilled cheese.

Asiago Domestic
Has a delightful and unique taste.  Great shredded on salads or serve cubed as a snack.  Aged a minimum of five months.

Asiago,  Aged
Has an intense flavor and a firm, granular feel. 
Aged a minimum of six months.
Semi-soft cheese that is made of whole milk for a mild flavor and creamy texture. Ideal to use as an appetizer, great with fruit.

Baby Swiss
Semi-soft cheese that is made of whole milk for a mild flavor and creamy texture. This cheese has smaller eyes than a traditional Swiss and will enhance any dish or sandwich.

Bel Paese
Semi-firm cheese.

Blue Cheese
You can’t miss it!  With the distinctive marbling and blue-gray veines, this type of cheese has a crumbly texture and a tangy flavor. 
Popular Brands:  Danish Blue and Castella (with very few veines)

Blue Stilton

Mild and creamy cheese.  White in color. Perfect for sandwiches, party trays, and in cooked foods.

A classic French cheese that is extremely creamy and has a silky texture. Traditionally used as an appetizer or dessert. Commonly served with crackers, breads, champagne, dry wines, and fruit.

Semi-hard cheddar from England that is made with cows milk.  This moist yellow cheese has a sour butter-cream flavor. Crumble it over a hot dish or salad; slice it to use on a party tray.

Black Diamond Cheddar
Canadian white cheddar found in a black wax.  Aged for over three years.  One of the finest cheddars available.

Cheddars aged 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, & 9 years!!

Cheddar, Mild
Cheddars range in color from bright white to deep orange. A mild cheddar is typically aged between ten days and four months.  Mild cheddar has a smooth, soft texture.

Cheddar, Medium
Aged between four and ten months.  The longer the cheddar is aged the more enhanced the flavor becomes.  Texture is slightly drier and tends to crumble more than the mild.

Aged a minimum of ten months, even six years.  This cheese has a pleasingly sharp flavor that keeps improving with age. Serve chunked or sliced.  If sliced thinly this cheese will fall apart.

Cheese curds
Cheddar cheese. White or orange in color and packaged before the cheese blocks are formed.  Just pop in your mouth and enjoy.

Milder and creamier than cheddar.  A Wisconsin Classic.  This one goes with EVERYTHING.

Colby Longhorn
Same great tasting cheese.  The difference is that this one is cut into whole circles or half-moon shape.

Blended Colby and Monterey Jack.  This cheese has a white and orange marbling. Use on tacos, pizzas, and omelets.

Pale yellow in color.  Edam has a creamy smooth texture and a mild nutty flavor.  For a sharper, more flavorful cheese try the aged Edam. Great with fruits and melts well.

This feta is creamier than most.  Popular choice for cooking. Made of sheep’s milk.  Crumbly.

Feta, Domestic
Slightly drier than the other fetas; and made of cows milk for a milder, less salty taste. Crumbly.

Feta, Greek
This is a firmer feta, extra crumbly and made of sheep’s milk.

This creamy cheese has been matured for three months and has an unforgettable mild, sweet, and nutty taste.  Melts beautifully, and made of cow’s milk.

Fontinella, Domestic
The perfect snaking cheese.  Firm and tangy with just a hint of sharpness.  Made of cow’s milk.

Fontinella Imported

Goat Cheese
A soft unripened cheese that is very creamy and mild to taste. Can be used in many recipes.

Aged three months or more this type of blue cheese tends to be creamier and sharper than the others.  Great crumbled over a salad.

Creamy, hearty flavor, mildly smoked.  Can be purchased Processed or Natural.  Processed Gouda comes in a log shaped loaf and has a brown edible rind. Natural can be bought in chunks cut from a wheel of cheese.

Semi-soft cheese with a unique flavor and smooth finish.  Imported from Denmark

Havarti, Dill
A fine havarti flavored with dill.  Imported from Denmark.

Havarti, Herb & Spice
A fine havarti flavored with herb and spices.  Imported from Denmark.

Kasseri, Bulgarian

Kasseri, Domestic
Originally made in Greece and aged a minimum of 4 months.  Shred it or cube it.

Kasseri, Greek
Semi-soft table cheese made with sheep’s milk and aged a minimum of 6-8 months. A mild olive undertone.

Has a soft whipped texture.  Creamy and buttery; this sweet cheese is made from the cream of cows milk. No rennet is used to produce a curd. Used in the favored Italian dessert Tiramisu. Use in cooking to replace butter; only ˝ of the fat.

Creamy white in color; very mild taste, and has slightly stringy texture. Well known, most commonly used on pizzas.

White cheese with a smooth, rich texture.  Great for snacking or with fruit.

Parmesan, Domestic
Hard in texture and has a creamy yellow color.  The flavor is rich and nutty, used primarily for grating.

Parmigian, Padane
Aged for 1 year. This hard grating cheese is similar to the Parmigiano Reggiano but because it isn’t aged as long it has a milder nutty flavor.

Parmigian, Reggiane
An Italian classic. Top of the line, King of grating cheeses.  Aged for 3 long years is what brings out the amazingly sweet and nutty taste.  Can be used to top anyone of your favorite Italian dishes.  This one has endless possibilities.

Pecorino Romano
Imported grating cheese aged 6 months or more.  Sharp, refined flavor.  Made of part-skim-sheep’s milk.

Pecorino Romano Locatelli
One of the most commonly known and loved of the Pecorino cheeses. Salty, intense flavor; grate it fresh over soups, salads, and pasta sauce.  Made of sheep’s milk and aged about 8 months.

Pecorino Romano Incannestrato
A Pecorino Romano imported from Italy.  Made of sheep’s milk and aged over 8 months.

Provolone, Domestic
Mild Italian cheese low in moisture and has a delicate flavor. Great melting cheese.

Provolone, Smoked
Same great tasting cheese with a soft smoked flavor.

Provolone, Sharp (Auricchio)
If you enjoy sharp provolone this is one for you.  It’s a drier provolone that goes perfect with spicy Italian meats, olives, and peppers.  Aged 7-24 months. One of the worlds finest.

Provolone, Extra Extra Sharp (Cacicavallo)
Imported from Italy.  Extra aged for a strong robust flavor.

Provolone, Picante
Extra Sharp

Provolone, Soresia
Extra Sharp

Reggiantito Parmesan
Italian style parmesan made in Argentina.

Creamy, whipped texture, mild and sweet flavor; used mostly in baking lasagna.

Ricotta Pecorino
Dried Italian Ricotta cheese for slicing or grating.

Dry table cheese from Argentina.  Grate or slice it for cooking.


Swiss, Gruyier
A tightly textured semi-hard cheese.  Related to the Swiss- but has no holes.  This cheese has a yellowish-beige color and a nutty flavor. Made of cows milk.

Swiss Jarlsberg
Known for its excellence and quality, this semi-soft Swiss is made of part-skim cow’s milk. This lowers the fat without taking away from the full flavor.

Jalapeno Pepper
Monterey Jack flavored with jalapenos.  Semi-soft texture.  Slice or cube it.

Pepper Jack (hot)
Monterey Jack with peppers and spices; mostly jalapenos. Good melting cheese.